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Remedie is a perl based media center application with pluggable architecture. You can subscribe to videocast feeds, watch local folder with media files and keep track of your favorite video sites like YouTube, Nico Nico Douga or Hulu. See Supported Sites for details.

It runs as a web server so you can use your favorite browser (Firefox, Safari) to browse your video collection, playback videos using your favorite player.

If you’re familiar with Plagger, Remedie is a fork of Plagger, optimized for media downloading and viewing, and comes with an HTTP web server with JSON APIs and web-based frontend built with jQuery and CSS. See also FAQ.


We have binary builds (.app) for Mac OS X Leopard available at Downloads (Starting 0.5.2, these binaries should now work on Snow Leopard as well) For other platforms check out FAQ how to install Remedie.


Join #remedie on chat.freenode.net for the discussion. We talk both in Japanese and English. Read and subscribe to Remedie blog for the latest updates. Behind firewall or new to IRC? Try Java chat or leafy chat

If you’re interested in hacking Remedie, the best way to send a patch is to create a topic branch in your local git clone, and use git format-patch command to format as a patch and paste it on a paste bin site like Gist.

If your hack or proposed changes will be bigger than just a small patch, you can always fork from my github repo, make your change and then send a pull request. Also, if you contribute frequently and it’s convenient that you have a direct commit bit to ‘master’, you can just ask for it on the IRC channel.

Feature Requests

Remedie is my personal hacking project, so I won’t take feature requests :) but I’m happy to listen to the brilliant idea to make the app better. Feel free to submit your request on Issue Tracker or chat on the IRC channel.


This UI is considered very much beta but here’s a few: Check out more screenshots and screen casts at Remedie Blog

Similar Software

The following apps have some functionalities that overlaps with Remedie, if not a direct competitor.

  • Boxee – Media Center app based on XBMC. Has plugins for Hulu etc.
  • Miro – Video podcast client with Torrent support. Miro 2.0 has Hulu support as well.
  • TVersity – Media Server with DLNA/flash with mobile devices support
  • Jinzora – Media Center app with streaming
  • Vuze – Torrent video downloader originally called Azureus
  • uTorrent – Torrent downloader with RSS support
  • Elisa – Front-Row like Media Center
  • Sapphire Browser Apple TV plugin to fetch title metadata from IMDB
  • MediaTomb UPnP media server with YouTube support
  • Plex Media Center XBMC fork for Mac
  • Cooliris Browser extension for fullscreen wall view with now Discover mode to watch videos from Hulu etc.
  • yFlicks Mac app to organize local video files with Smart Group. Can download YouTube videos as well.
  • understudy Front Row plugin to access Hulu and NetFlix
  • MyMediaPlayer2 Hulu browser built with Adobe AIR
  • XHub Media Center to play local video files with Eye-TV support