WPF clickonce application, mediating temporal discounting analyses through datagrid spreadsheets
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Small N Stats Discounting Model Selector

Discounting Model Selector is a WPF application that uses R interop libraries (RdotNet) to easily facilitate many complex calculations, including the fitting of multiple models of intertemporal choice as well as a bayesian model comparison method, using a friendly spreadsheet-based approach.

Features include:

  • Non-linear model fittings (Exponential, Hyperbolic, Quasi-Hyperbolic/b-d, and both Hyperboloid Variants)
  • Discounting Model comparison/competition using Discounting information criterion (BIC) to inform the best/better fitting models (see Franck et al., 2015)
  • ED50 calculations for all models, all parameter fittings, and overall model competition (e.g., best, 2nd best, ...)
  • Identification of best performing model, with corresponding ED50, for similar cross-model discounting indices
  • R-based graphical output in appropriate log space(s) for each model selected (ggplot2)
  • Easily imports common file formats into the application's spreadsheet (.xlsx, .csv)
  • Wide range of model outputs/metrics, saveable in common spreadsheet file formats



  • - Incorporated native icon visuals, fixed link following, corrected grid styling, and better grid management with 10k+ series.
  • - Incorporated recently re-licensed Reogrid control (MIT). Begin migrate away from manual VM grid managagement and xml write/reads.
  • - User reviews/feedback: 1) Added new goodness of fit measures (i.e., AIC), 2) optional bounding for models with corresponding user feedback, 3) spreadsheet reading bugs squashed and 4) recents menu improved.
  • - Bounding settings, name changes and updates for clarity
  • - Upstream changes..., licensing updates, formatting updates, standardized precision, spelling fixes, etc.
  • - Ugly Cut/Paste bug fixed. Added context menu with transposition options!
  • - Various minor bug fixes, cleanup from private beta, language changes
  • - Expanded output- Model probabilities output directly
  • - Finally fixed start menu word errors from pre-
  • - Few UI tweaks related to new combined VM/view
  • - Limited refactor - Merge batched/single calculations to single VM to avoid redundancy
  • - Error handling fix, bar plot tweaks
  • - Citation updates
  • - UI tweaks, all parameters reported as lognormal
  • - UI tweaks, more sanitizing of user input
  • - Format licenses
  • - Initial licensing agreement prompt added
  • - Overwrite bugs fixed
  • - Interactive visuals for initial install, Saves .svg files natively
  • - Add Help menu for basic troubleshooting and information for submitting logs
  • - New interactive UI for new installers (Color coded for clarity), fixed bug on startup if R not present
  • - Fix for missing dependency (new graphics), formatting for older machines (non-Aero)

Referenced Works (F/OSS software)

The Small N Stats Discounting Model Selector uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • R Statistical Package - GPLv2 Licensed. Copyright (C) 2000-16. The R Core Team Site
  • RdotNet: Interface for the R Statistical Package - New BSD License (BSD 2-Clause). Copyright(c) 2010, RecycleBin. All rights reserved Github
  • SharpVectors: Vector graphics rendering for WPF - New BSD License (BSD 3-Clause). Copyright(c) 2010, SharpVectorGraphics. All rights reserved Codeplex
  • RdotNet/Dynamic Interop - MIT Licensed. Copyright (c) 2015 Jean-Michel Perraud, Copyright (c) 2014 Daniel Collins, CSIRO, Copyright (c) 2013 Kosei, evolvedmicrobe. Github
  • Reogrid - MIT Licensed. Copyright(c) 2013-2016 Jing{lujing at unvell.com}, Copyright(c) 2013-2016 unvell.com. Github

Referenced Works (R packages/scripts)

The Discounting Model Selector accesses the following R packages to perform statistical methods:

  • nls R Package - GPLv2 Licensed. Copyright (C) 1999-1999 Saikat DebRoy, Douglas M. Bates, Jose C. Pinheiro.
  • nls R Package - GPLv2 Licensed. Copyright (C) 2000-7. The R Core Team.
  • ggplot2 R Package - GPLv2 Licensed. Copyright (c) 2016, Hadley Wickham.
  • gridExtra R Package - GPLv2 Licensed. Copyright (c) 2016, Baptiste Auguie.
  • base64enc R Package - GPLv2 Licensed. Copyright (c) 2015, Simon Urbanek
  • reshape2 R Package - MIT Licensed. Copyright (c) 2014, Hadley Wickham.
  • scales R Package - MIT Licensed. Copyright (c) 2010-2014, Hadley Wickham.
  • BDS R Script - GPLv2 Licensed. Copyright (c) 2016, Dr. Chris Franck, Virginia Tech - Department of Statistics.

Referenced Works (academic works)

The Small N Stats Discounting Model Selector is based on the following academic works:

  • Franck, C. T., Koffarnus, M. N., House, L. L. & Bickel W. K. (2015). Accurate characterization of delay discounting: a multiple model approach using approximate Bayesian model selection and a unified discounting measure. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 103, 218-33.

Acknowledgements and Credits

  • Donald A. Hantula, Decision Making Laboratory, Temple University Site
  • Chris Franck, Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis - Virginia Tech


You will need the R open-source statistical package for model fitting/charting to be performed. Once Discounting Model Selector is installed, it will perform a one-time install the necessary R packages (internet required). Discounting Model Selector is a ClickOnce application, the program will automatically update as the program is refined.


All downloads, if/when posted, will be hosted at Small N Stats.


Want to contribute? Great! Emails or PM's are welcome.


  • Completed! Scheduled for public release late May 2016


Discounting Model Selector - Copyright 2016, Shawn P. Gilroy. GPL-Version 2