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code to download comics data and train models described in The Amazing Mysteries of the Gutter: Drawing Inferences Between Panels in Comic Book Narratives.

email and with any comments/problems/questions/suggestions.


  • requires python 2.7, lasagne, theano, h5py, cv2, glob2

to download / unzip / preprocess COMICS data:

  • bash (downloads raw panel images, OCR transcriptions, etc., and preprocesses them into an hdf5 file)
  • if you don't want to download everything at once, you can download individual files at

to train models after preprocessing (example for text cloze):

  • python models/ (make sure to run on GPU; see for our theano flags)
  • see description of hyperparameters by running python models/ --help
  • note that low-quality data is only filtered out in dev/test data (by throwing out examples with too many UNK tokens). during training, all data is used.


method text cloze easy text cloze hard visual cloze easy visual cloze hard character coherence
text only 63.4 52.9 55.9 48.4 68.2
image only 51.7 49.4 85.7 63.2 70.9
image text 68.6 61.0 81.3 59.1 69.3

if you use the COMICS data and/or code, please cite:

    Title = {The Amazing Mysteries of the Gutter: Drawing Inferences Between Panels in Comic Book Narratives},
    Booktitle = {IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition},
    Author = {Mohit Iyyer and Varun Manjunatha and Anupam Guha and Yogarshi Vyas and Jordan Boyd-Graber and Hal {Daum\'{e} III} and Larry Davis},
    Year = {2017},