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Cocoa animation for flipping from one view to another along the vertical axis

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This is a NSWindow extension that allows you to flip from one window to another along the vertical axis, much like what is standard on iOS.


NSWindow* from = ...
NSWindow* to = ...

//To support performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:, use:

FlipArguments* flipArgs = [[FlipArguments alloc] initWithToWindow:to flipDuration:2.5 shadowed:NO];

//0.0 is used to fire this on the next runloop iteration. This makes it so a button will be in its "pressed" state if you use a button to do the flip.
[from performSelector:@selector(flipWithArguments) withObject:flipArgs afterDelay:0.0]; 

//To execute the flip immediately, use:

[from flipToWindow:to withDuration:2.5 shadowed:NO];
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