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DynamicConfig README


DynamicConfig is a very simple to use configuration library based on the C# 4.0 dynamic feature. It allows loading from file (or parsing) multiple configurations that can be later accessed via dynamic typing, no custom classes or casts are required. If a configuration was loaded from file, updating a property will result in the original file to be updated.

DynamicConfig is somewhat based on JsonConfig ( ) but uses Newtonsoft.JSON instead of JsonFX


The main entry-point of the library is the DynamicConfig.Config class from which you can access all the exposed functionalities. The first thing to do is to register a provider, at the moment there is a JsonConfigProvider included, so:

	var provider = new Providers.JsonConfigProvider();
	Config.RegisterProvider("json", provider);

Providers can be retrieved using the GetProvider method:

	var jsonProvider = Config.GetProvider("json");

Loading data

Then you can load a configuration from file directly via the DynamicConfig.Config class

	var providerName = "json";
	var configName = "myConfig";
	dynamic config = Config.Load(providerName, configName, filename);

or via the Provider:

	var jsonProvider = Config.GetProvider("json");
	var configName = "myConfig";
	dynamic config = jsonProvider.Load(configName, filename);

configurations can be accessed using dynamic typing on the Provider:

Accessing data

	var jsonProvider = Config.GetProvider("json");
	var foo =;
	Console.Writeline("foo: {0}", foo);


configurations can include also complex objects:

	var json = "{name:\"John\", complex:{ one: 1, two: 2, three: \"three\" } }";
	var jsonProvider = Config.GetProvider("json");
	var configName = "myConfig";
	jsonProvider.Parse(configName, json);
	var three = jsonProvider.myConfig.complex.three;
	Console.Writeline("three: {0}", three);

Incoming Features/Upgrades

  • monitor config file changes on filesystem to force config reload
  • provider options (eg. readonly)
  • Async
  • appSettings Provider


  • better error checking (eg. while saving)