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Blockchain in Javascript

Building Steps

Step0 Set up

We use Babel, ES6, ESLint, Flow, Jest.

$ git checkout 00_setup

Step1 Block

Implement Block Class.

$ git checkout 01_block

Step2 Blockchain

Implement Blockchain Class which contains linked Block instances.

$ git checkout 02_blockchain

Step3 Miner

Implement Miner Class which builds a new block.

$ git checkout 03_miner

Step4 Adjust Difficulty

Adjust mining difficulty based on how long the previous mining took.

$ git checkout 04_adjust_difficulty

Step5 Transaction

Implement Transaction Class which manages input, outputs and a digital signature.

$ git checkout 05_transaction

Step6 Wallet

Implement Wallet Class which manages a public and private key pair and creates a digital signature.

$ git checkout 06_wallet

Step7 Mining Reward

Give reward when a miner discovers a block.

$ git checkout 07_mining_reward

Step8 Web User Interface

Web User Interface helps us test.

$ git checkout 08_web_user_interface

Step9 P2P Network(Router)

Implement Router Class which makes a peer-to-peer netowork.

$ git checkout 09_router


  1. ブロックの実装
  2. ブロックチェーンの実装
  3. マイニングの実装
  4. トランザクションの実装
  5. ウォレットの実装
  6. P2Pネットワーク
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