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AutoCompleteRecords = new Mongo.Collection("autocompleteRecords")
isServerSearch = (rule) -> rule.subscription? || _.isString(rule.collection)
validateRule = (rule) ->
if rule.subscription? and rule.collection?
throw new Error("Rule cannot specify both a server-side subscription and a client/server collection to search simultaneously")
unless rule.subscription? or Match.test(rule.collection, Match.OneOf(String, Mongo.Collection))
throw new Error("Collection to search must be either a Mongo collection or server-side name")
# XXX back-compat message, to be removed
if rule.callback?
console.warn("autocomplete no longer supports callbacks; use event listeners instead.")
isWholeField = (rule) ->
# either '' or null both count as whole field.
return !rule.token
getRegExp = (rule) ->
unless isWholeField(rule)
# Expressions for the range from the last word break to the current cursor position
new RegExp('(^|\\b|\\s)' + rule.token + '([\\w.]*)$')
# Whole-field behavior - word characters or spaces
new RegExp('(^)(.*)$')
getFindParams = (rule, filter, limit) ->
# This is a different 'filter' - the selector from the settings
# We need to extend so that we don't copy over rule.filter
selector = _.extend({}, rule.filter || {})
options = { limit: limit }
# Match anything, no sort, limit X
return [ selector, options ] unless filter
if rule.sort and rule.field
sortspec = {}
# Only sort if there is a filter, for faster performance on a match of anything
sortspec[rule.field] = 1
options.sort = sortspec
if _.isFunction(rule.selector)
# Custom selector
_.extend(selector, rule.selector(filter))
selector[rule.field] = {
$regex: if rule.matchAll then filter else "^" + filter
# default is case insensitive search - empty string is not the same as undefined!
$options: if (typeof rule.options is 'undefined') then 'i' else rule.options
return [ selector, options ]
getField = (obj, str) ->
obj = obj[key] for key in str.split(".")
return obj
class @AutoComplete
@KEYS: [
40, # DOWN
38, # UP
13, # ENTER
27, # ESCAPE
9 # TAB
constructor: (settings) ->
@limit = settings.limit || 5
@position = settings.position || "bottom"
@rules = settings.rules
validateRule(rule) for rule in @rules
@expressions = (getRegExp(rule) for rule in @rules)
@matched = -1
@loaded = true
# Reactive dependencies for current matching rule and filter
@ruleDep = new Deps.Dependency
@filterDep = new Deps.Dependency
@loadingDep = new Deps.Dependency
# autosubscribe to the record set published by the server based on the filter
# This will tear down server subscriptions when they are no longer being used.
@sub = null
@comp = Deps.autorun =>
# Stop any existing sub immediately, don't wait
return unless (rule = @matchedRule()) and (filter = @getFilter()) isnt null
# subscribe only for server-side collections
unless isServerSearch(rule)
@setLoaded(true) # Immediately loaded
[ selector, options ] = getFindParams(rule, filter, @limit)
# console.debug 'Subscribing to <%s> in <%s>.<%s>', filter, rule.collection, rule.field
subName = rule.subscription || "autocomplete-recordset"
@sub = Meteor.subscribe(subName,
selector, options, rule.collection, => @setLoaded(true))
teardown: ->
# Stop the reactive computation we started for this autocomplete instance
# reactive getters and setters for @filter and the currently matched rule
matchedRule: ->
if @matched >= 0 then @rules[@matched] else null
setMatchedRule: (i) ->
@matched = i
getFilter: ->
return @filter
setFilter: (x) ->
@filter = x
return @filter
isLoaded: ->
return @loaded
setLoaded: (val) ->
return if val is @loaded # Don't cause redraws unnecessarily
@loaded = val
onKeyUp: ->
return unless @$element # Don't try to do this while loading
startpos = @element.selectionStart
val = @getText().substring(0, startpos)
Matching on multiple expressions.
We always go from a matched state to an unmatched one
before going to a different matched one.
i = 0
breakLoop = false
while i < @expressions.length
matches = val.match(@expressions[i])
# matching -> not matching
if not matches and @matched is i
breakLoop = true
# not matching -> matching
if matches and @matched is -1
breakLoop = true
# Did filter change?
if matches and @filter isnt matches[2]
breakLoop = true
break if breakLoop
onKeyDown: (e) ->
return if @matched is -1 or (@constructor.KEYS.indexOf(e.keyCode) < 0)
switch e.keyCode
when 9, 13 # TAB, ENTER
if @select() # Don't jump fields or submit if select successful
# preventDefault needed below to avoid moving cursor when selecting
when 40 # DOWN
when 38 # UP
when 27 # ESCAPE
onFocus: ->
# We need to run onKeyUp after the focus resolves,
# or the caret position (selectionStart) will not be correct
Meteor.defer => @onKeyUp()
onBlur: ->
# We need to delay this so click events work
# TODO this is a bit of a hack; see if we can't be smarter
Meteor.setTimeout =>
, 500
onItemClick: (doc, e) => @processSelection(doc, @rules[@matched])
onItemHover: (doc, e) ->
filteredList: ->
# @ruleDep.depend() # optional as long as we use depend on filter, because list will always get re-rendered
filter = @getFilter() # Reactively depend on the filter
return null if @matched is -1
rule = @rules[@matched]
# Don't display list unless we have a token or a filter (or both)
# Single field: nothing displayed until something is typed
return null unless rule.token or filter
[ selector, options ] = getFindParams(rule, filter, @limit)
Meteor.defer => @ensureSelection()
# if server collection, the server has already done the filtering work
return AutoCompleteRecords.find({}, options) if isServerSearch(rule)
# Otherwise, search on client
return rule.collection.find(selector, options)
isShowing: ->
rule = @matchedRule()
# Same rules as above
showing = rule? and (rule.token or @getFilter())
# Do this after the render
if showing
Meteor.defer =>
return showing
# Replace text with currently selected item
select: ->
node = @tmplInst.find(".-autocomplete-item.selected")
return false unless node?
doc = Blaze.getData(node)
return false unless doc # Don't select if nothing matched
@processSelection(doc, @rules[@matched])
return true
processSelection: (doc, rule) ->
replacement = getField(doc, rule.field)
unless isWholeField(rule)
@replace(replacement, rule)
# Empty string or doesn't exist?
# Single-field replacement: replace whole field
# Field retains focus, but list is hidden unless another key is pressed
# Must be deferred or onKeyUp will trigger and match again
# TODO this is a hack; see above
@$element.trigger("autocompleteselect", doc)
# Replace the appropriate region
replace: (replacement) ->
startpos = @element.selectionStart
fullStuff = @getText()
val = fullStuff.substring(0, startpos)
val = val.replace(@expressions[@matched], "$1" + @rules[@matched].token + replacement)
posfix = fullStuff.substring(startpos, fullStuff.length)
separator = (if posfix.match(/^\s/) then "" else " ")
finalFight = val + separator + posfix
@setText finalFight
newPosition = val.length + 1
@element.setSelectionRange(newPosition, newPosition)
hideList: ->
getText: ->
return @$element.val() || @$element.text()
setText: (text) ->
if @$"input,textarea")
Rendering functions
positionContainer: ->
# First render; Pick the first item and set css whenever list gets shown
position = @$element.position()
rule = @matchedRule()
offset = getCaretCoordinates(@element, @element.selectionStart)
# In whole-field positioning, we don't move the container and make it the
# full width of the field.
if rule? and isWholeField(rule)
pos =
left: position.left
width: @$element.outerWidth() # position.offsetWidth
else # Normal positioning, at token word
pos =
left: position.left + offset.left
# Position menu from top (above) or from bottom of caret (below, default)
if @position is "top"
pos.bottom = @$element.offsetParent().height() - -
else = + + parseInt(@$element.css('font-size'))
ensureSelection : ->
# Re-render; make sure selected item is something in the list or none if list empty
selectedItem = @tmplInst.$(".-autocomplete-item.selected")
unless selectedItem.length
# Select anything
# Select next item in list
next: ->
currentItem = @tmplInst.$(".-autocomplete-item.selected")
return unless currentItem.length # Don't try to iterate an empty list
next =
if next.length
else # End of list or lost selection; Go back to first item
# Select previous item in list
prev: ->
currentItem = @tmplInst.$(".-autocomplete-item.selected")
return unless currentItem.length # Don't try to iterate an empty list
prev = currentItem.prev()
if prev.length
else # Beginning of list or lost selection; Go to end of list
# This doesn't need to be reactive because list already changes reactively
# and will cause all of the items to re-render anyway
currentTemplate: -> @rules[@matched].template
AutocompleteTest =
records: AutoCompleteRecords
isServerSearch: isServerSearch
getRegExp: getRegExp
getFindParams: getFindParams