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Nebel-site - A static site template for nebel

This is a site template and utilities for nebel.

How to set up

Clone this repository, move to its dirctory and execute bundle install.

$ git clone git://
$ cd nebel-site
$ bundle install

Create and edit site template files

  • layouts/post.html
    • This is a template file for each entry. Please edit this.
  • layouts/atom.xml
    • This is a template file for an atom feed. Please edit this.
  • layouts/archive.html
    • This is a template file for archive. Please edit this.
  • static/
    • This is a directory for static files.You can put any files, like css, javascript, images and so on.
    • You can make any sub directories in this directory.

Create a post file

Create a post file in posts directory.File name should be ended with ".md" or ".markdown".

The content of the post file is like this.

title: Entry title
date: 2012-04-24 18:15:59 +0900

Entry body.You can write anything with Markdown syntax.

Execute nebel command

$ bundle exec nebel

This command process post files and put generated files in public directory.

Also this command copies all files in static directory to public directory.


You can customize default behaviour of nebel with some of the options.

$ bin/nebel --help
Usage: nebel [options]
    -b, --base-url [PATH]            Serve website from a given base URL        (default '/blog')
    -a, --archive                    Generate archive pages                     (default '/archive')
        --no-clean-dir               Doesn't remove files in public dir
    -h, --help                       Show this message


Hey Bonus! You can automatically pass the options with ~/.nebelrc like as below.

--base-url / --no-clean-dir --archive

See contents with the test server

Execute this command and you can see generated contents with http://localhost:5000/

$ bundle exec nebel-server

Publish your contents

Upload files in public directories to any servers you like.


Some utilities are included.

You can create a post file and open it with an editor easily like this.

$ thor post:create entry-title

This command generate a post file something like posts/2012-04-24-entry-title.markdown and its content is like this.

title: entry-title
date: 2012-04-24 19:25:34 +0900

With bundle exec guard, nebel command is executed automatically if files are changed. If your enviroment is ready for guard-livereload, the browser page is reloaded automatically.

$ bundle exec guard

thor server:start runs following things.

$ thor server:start