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Webiblo - web to ebook project


Webiblo is a project to convert web sites to ebooks.

You can convert Getting Real web data to mobipcoket format like this.

$ webiblo.pl http://mizzy.org/webiblo/data/Getting_Real.json

JSON data format

JSON data format to convert web data to ebook is like this:

    "title"       : "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs",
    "authors"     : [
        "Harold Abelson",
        "Gerald Jay Sussman",
        "Julie Sussman"
    "cover_image"   : "http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/book/cover.jpg",
    "content_xpath" : "//div[@class=\"content\"]", # Optional
    "exclude_xpath" : "//div[@class=\"navigation\"]", # Optional
    "chapters" : [
            "title" : "Foreword",
            "uri"   : "http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/book/book-Z-H-5.html#%_chap_Temp_2"
            "title" : "1  Building Abstractions with Procedures",
            "uri"  : "http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/book/book-Z-H-9.html#%_chap_1",
            "sections" : [
                "title" : "1.1  The Elements of Programming",
                "uri"   : "http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/book/book-Z-H-10.html#%_sec_1.1"
                "subsections" : [
                        "title" : "1.1.1  Expressions",
                        "uri"   : "http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/book/book-Z-H-10.html#%_sec_1.1.1"

These are the examples.

Try your own JSON data

webiblo.pl takes JSON data from STDIN, so you can run webiblo.pl like this:

$ cat data.json | webiblo.pl

Share your JSON data

JSON data are put on gh-pages branch and shared on GitHub Pages.

If you create a JSON data for webiblo, please send me pull requests.


  • Support formats other than mobipocket. (eg. EPUB3)
  • Search JSON catalog from CLI.