DotNetOpenAuth OAuth2 Client for Google
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DotNetOpenAuth OAuth2 Client for Google

DNOA and OAuthWebSecurity for ASP.Net MVC 4 ship with only an OpenId provider for Google. This is an OAuth2 client that you can use instead.

IMPORTANT - If you are using ASP.Net MVC 5, this package is not applicable. You should use Microsoft.Owin.Security.Google instead. (It also ships with the MVC 5 starter templates in VS 2013.) See also the tutorial here.


  1. Setup your Google App using the Google APIs console. Detailed instructions here

  2. Install this library from NuGet,

    PM> Install-Package DotNetOpenAuth.GoogleOAuth2

    ... or download from the releases page and add a reference

    ... or compile from source and add a reference

  3. Register the client instead of the existing Google OpenId client.

    var client = new GoogleOAuth2Client("yourClientId", "yourClientSecret");
    var extraData = new Dictionary<string, object>();
    OAuthWebSecurity.RegisterClient(client, "Google", extraData);


Just like any other OAuthWebSecurity client, except you need one extra hook:

// add this line

// it belongs right before your existing call to

This is needed because Google requires that any extra querystring parameters for the redirect be packed into a single parameter called state. Since OAuthWebSecurity needs two parameters, __provider__ and __sid__ - we have to rewrite the url.

Note: The RewriteRequest method will unpack the state parameter and place its contents back into the regular querystring. So if you are looking for a state value such as ReturnUrl, you will find it has been moved to Request.QueryString["ReturnUrl"].


This is released under the MIT licence. Do what you want with it.