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EntityFramework.IndexingExtensions Version 1.0.1 Jun 14, 2015
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EntityFramework.IndexingExtensions NuGet Version

Indexing Extensions for Entity Framework 6


PM> Install-Package EntityFramework.IndexingExtensions


public class MyDataContext : DbContext
  protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder)
        .HasIndex("IX_Customers_Name",          // Provide the index name.
            e => e.Property(x => x.LastName),   // Specify at least one column.
            e => e.Property(x => x.FirstName))  // Multiple columns as desired.

        .HasIndex("IX_Customers_EmailAddress",  // Supports fluent chaining for more indexes.
            IndexOptions.Unique,                // Supports flags for unique and clustered.
            e => e.Property(x => x.EmailAddress)); 


After publishing this, I was informed that there is an active pull request here to add something similar directly into Entity Framework. If/when that is merged, you should probably use it instead. Though, this one should continue to work without issue.