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Smart Perl scripts (for Linux) to auto unrar / extract a directory structure containing RAR archives.

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Smart Perl script (for Linux) to auto unrar/extract a directory structure
containing many RAR archives.

* extract multipart archives
* handle all three multipart archives naming conventions
** .part1.rar, .part2.rar, ...
** .rar, .r00, .r01, ...
** .001, .002, ...
* duplicate directory structure tree
** respect basedir_deep configuration option
** see ( docs/test-data/summary.txt )
* move/rename normal files (no rar archives)
* check minimum free space on device
* can delete archives if extracted ok
* save status to file
** so already extracted archives aren't extracted again
** trying extract again only if some change found
* keypress features during run ( p...pause, c...continue, q...quit )
* smart error handling
** maintain undo actions list for recovery to initial state
** sleep (increment time to sleep) and try again
** revert to initial state if error found during extraction of directory
* can be configured to run periodically (e.g. from cron) to incrementally extract RAR archives
** check if there is any change inside directory
* support for rsync integration
** generate rsync exclude list (basedir_deep configuration option is used)
** check time of last modification of base directories (recursively)
** respect minimum time since last change (let rsync finish his job)
* preserve mtime of files and directories where possible
* has own test suite
* tested on many big archives
* debug and verbose output support

Tested on Linux only. Also see ToDo list inside source code .

=== Install ===

For Debian see docs/

cd ~/
git clone git:// auto-unrar
cd auto-unrar
mkdir -p temp
mkdir -p conf-my
mkdir -p db
cp conf/ conf-my/
cpan Term::ReadKey
cpan YAML::Any
cpan Filesys::Df

=== Run ===

cd auto-unrar
perl bin/

* P ... pause,
* C .. continue,
* Q .. quit.

== Future development and donations ==

Ping me (mj41) on irc:// or write to .
We can discuss bugs and feature requests.

Feel free to donate some money to support development on . Thank you.
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