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Markdown as a Service

Pass the Markdown text you want to format in the text request parameter.

All other parameters are optional. If any of the following parameters have a value of 1 they will be enabled.

  • :smart - Enable SmartyPants processing.
  • :filter_styles - Do not output <style> tags.
  • :filter_html - Do not output any raw HTML tags included in the source text.
  • :fold_lines - RedCloth compatible line folding (not used).
  • :generate_toc - Enable Table Of Contents generation
  • :no_image - Do not output any <img> tags.
  • :no_links - Do not output any <a> tags.
  • :no_tables - Do not output any tables.
  • :strict - Disable superscript and relaxed emphasis processing.
  • :autolink - Greedily urlify links.
  • :safelink - Do not make links for unknown URL types.
  • :no_pseudo_protocols - Do not process pseudo-protocols.

Use it:

curl -F -F smart=1


This little tool was created by Michael Jackson.

Thanks to Guillermo Rauch for the idea, John Gruber for Markdown, David Parsons for Discount, Ryan Tomayko for RDiscount, and the entire Sinatra crew for being awesome.

You're free to browse the source.