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Experiments in how to use unpkg
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This repository contains demos of using to load and run various libraries in different ways. Each demo contains a README that explains a little bit more about how to use it and why it's interesting.

The following demos are currently available:

  • global-react - Loads React as a global with JSX support
  • webpack-react - Uses webpack to automatically detect and load React as a global, with JSX compilation at build time
  • systemjs-react - Uses SystemJS to load React as modules, with JSX support
  • systemjs-angular - Uses SystemJS to load Angular as modules, with TypeScript support
  • module-d3 - Uses <script type=module> to load D3 and all of its dependencies from the CDN. Only works in Chrome 61+ and other browsers that have support for <script type=module>

If you're using a technique you don't see listed here, please contribute! There are lots of different ways to use unpkg, and we're just scratching the surface.

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