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2016-03-01: cppo-json and atdgen-cppo are now part of atdgen (1.8.x)

cppo-json is a preprocessor that replaces embedded type definition directives with OCaml type definitions and JSON serialization/deserialization code.

atdgen-cppo is the script that reads type definitions from stdin and generates OCaml code. It takes options allowing users to pick what kind of code needs to be generated (type definitions, JSON serialization, Biniou serialization, validators).


Sample input:

$ cat
#ext json
type mytype = string list
let data = [ "Hello"; "world" ]
let () = print_endline (J.string_of_mytype data)

How to view the OCaml code produced by cppo-json:

$ cppo-json < | less

How to compile an OCaml program:

$ ocamlfind opt -o example \
    -pp cppo-json \
    -package atdgen -linkpkg \

cppo-json ships with atdgen-cppo and is shorthand for the following command:

cppo -x "json:atdgen-cppo t j v"

where t stands for "type definitions", j stands for "JSON", and v stands for "validators".

See also:

$ cppo-json --help
$ atdgen-cppo --help
$ cppo --help


Documentation is provided by the --help option of each command.

Direct dependencies


It's just two shell scripts. You can copy them by hand to the directory of your choice or run:

$ make install   # installs into $HOME/bin


$ BINDIR=/path/to/bin make install