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Syntax highlighter for OCaml

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Caml2html is a command-line tool that highlights the syntax of OCaml source code.


Caml2html needs an OCaml compiler (>= 3.00) properly installed. GNU make is required for the compilation.


$ make      # try "make byte" if make does not work

Compiling the library (optional):

$ make lib  # try "make bytelib" if it does not work

Installing the executable

$ make install

The program is installed in the BINDIR directory specified at the first line of the Makefile (/usr/bin by default), and is named caml2html (even for bytecode option).


$ make uninstall

How to run it

Type caml2html -help, or have a look at the html documentation (caml2html.html).

Authors and license

Caml2html was originally written by Sébastien Ailleret, and is now developed by Martin Jambon. It is distributed for free under a GPL license (see LICENSE file).

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