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2018-01-25: release 1.6.1
[compat] Emit line directives always containing the file name,
as mandated starting with ocaml 4.07.
2017-08-07: release 1.6.0
[pkg] BREAKING: cppo and cppo_ocamlbuild are now two distinct opam
2017-04-24: release 1.5.0
[+ui] Added the `CAPITALIZE()` function.
2016-08-19: release 1.4.0
[compat] Cppo is now safe-string ready.
2016-04-20: release 1.3.2
[pkg] Cppo can now be built on MSVC.
2015-09-20: release 1.3.1
[bug] Possible to have #endif between two matching parenthesis.
2015-09-13: release 1.3.0
[+ui] Removed the need for escaping commas and parenthesis in macros.
[+ui] Blanks is now allowed in argument list in macro definitions.
[+ui] #directive with wrong arguments is now giving a proper error.
[bug] Fixed expansion of __FILE__ and __LINE__.
2014-11-10: release 1.1.2
[+ui] Ocamlbuild_cppo: added the ocamlbuild flag `cppo_V(NAME:VERSION)`,
equivalent to `-V NAME:VERSION` (for _tags file).
2014-11-10: release 1.1.1
[+ui] Ocamlbuild_cppo: added the ocamlbuild flag `cppo_V_OCAML`,
equivalent to `-V OCAML:VERSION` (for _tags file).
2014-11-04: release 1.1.0
[+ui] Added the `-V NAME:VERSION` option.
[+ui] Support for tuples in comparisons: tuples can be constructed
and compared, e.g. `#if (2 + 2, 5) < (4, 5)`.
2014-10-20: release 1.0.1
[+ui] `#elif` and `#else` can now be used in the same #if-#else statement.
[bug] Fixed the Ocamlbuild flag `cppo_n`.
2014-09-06: release 1.0.0
[bug] OCaml comments are now better parsed. For example, (* '"' *) works.
2014-06-10: release 0.9.4
[+ui] Added the ocamlbuild_cppo plugin for Ocamlbuild. To use it:
2012-02-03: release 0.9.3
[pkg] New way of building the tar.gz archive.
2011-08-12: release 0.9.2
[+ui] Added two predefined macros STRINGIFY and CONCAT for making
string literals and for building identifiers respectively.
2011-07-20: release 0.9.1
[+ui] Added support for processing sections of files using external programs
(#ext/#endext, -x option)
[doc] Moved and extended documentation into the README file.
2009-11-17: initial version 0.9.0