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What has been your experience with X (check all that apply):

  • I wasn't aware of its existence
  • I don't really understand what it's for
  • I can do without
  • Doesn't work in my environment
  • The author(s)' past work influenced my choice positively
  • The author(s)' past work influenced my choice negatively
  • I want to avoid dealing with the authors
  • It it easy for me to influence the authors
  • I've rejected it based on negative reviews
  • I decided to use it based on positive reviews
  • I want a good tutorial but couldn't find one
  • I want a reference manual but couldn't find it
  • I don't like the basic design
  • I don't like the way the code is written in general
  • I don't like the tools on which it depends
  • I wanted to give it a try but haven't done it yet
  • I tried to install it but failed and gave up
  • I installed it but I couldn't make it work and gave up
  • I managed to test it but decided not to use it
  • Too complicated to use
  • Not efficient enough
  • Too many bugs
  • I'm using it
  • I love using it
  • I miss a number of features
  • I modified it to suit my own purposes