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2012-02-03: Release 1.0.1
- Nothing new other than the way of building the tar.gz package.
2008-07-13: Release 1.0.0, slightly incompatible with 0.9.0
- Deprecated use of Easy_format.Param. Instead, inherit from Easy_format.list,
Easy_format.label or Easy_format.atom.
- Atom nodes have now one additional argument for parameters.
- All record types have been extended with more fields.
Using the "with" mechanism for inheritance is the best way of limiting
future incompatibilities.
New features:
- Support for separators that stick to the next list item
- More wrapping options
- Added Custom kind of nodes for using Format directly or existing
- Support for markup and escaping, allowing to produce colorized output
(HTML, terminal, ...) without interfering with the computation of
line breaks and spacing.
2008-07-09: First release 0.9.0
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