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Installation of Mikmatch version 1.0.0 or higher
The recommended way of installing mikmatch and a bunch of other packages
is from GODI (godi_console) available from
or from your favorite packaging system.
Otherwise, there is the manual install:
You must have installed:
- OCaml including Camlp4 (versions 3.10.2 and 3.11.0 should be OK;
versions up to 3.09.3 will not work).
- PCRE-OCaml (
Everything will run smoothly if you have:
- Findlib, i.e. ocamlfind
- Gnu make
- an Sh-compatible shell
make install
make uninstall
By default, only mikmatch_pcre is built and installed.
Mikmatch_str can be built and installed with the following commands:
make str # compilation
make install-str # installation
make uninstall-str # uninstallation
Questions, comments and bug reports should be sent to: (no subscription required)
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