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.PHONY: all clean install build
all: build doc
J ?= 2
ocamlopt.opt -o $@ $< || ocamlopt -o $@ $< || ocamlc -o $@ $<
rm -f setup.cmx setup.cmi setup.o setup.cmo setup.bin
./setup.bin -configure --enable-tests
build: setup.bin
./setup.bin -build -j $(J)
doc: setup.bin
./setup.bin -doc -j $(J)
install: setup.bin
./setup.bin -install
test: setup.bin build
./setup.bin -test
reinstall: setup.bin
ocamlfind remove $(NAME) || true
./setup.bin -reinstall
ocamlbuild -clean
rm -f setup.log setup.bin lib/ lib/
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