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The Merkur is tiny extensible javascript library for front-end microservices(micro frontends). It allows by default server side rendering for loading performance boost. You can connect it with other frameworks or languages because merkur defines easy API. You can use one of six predefined template's library Preact, µhtml, Svelte and vanilla but you can easily extend for others.


  • Flexible templating engine
  • Usable with all tech stacks
  • SSR-ready by default
  • Easy extensible with plugins
  • Tiny - 1 KB minified + gzipped

Getting started

npx @merkur/create-widget <name>

cd name

npm run dev // Point your browser at http://localhost:4444/

alt text


To check out live demo and docs, visit


Contribute to this project via Pull-Requests.

We are following Conventional Commits Specification. To simplify the commit process, you can use npm run commit command. It opens an interactive interface, which should help you with commit message composition.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to Merkur!