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* splitMyPages for Adobe InDesign CS2
* This script will take a document with multiple pages and split off each page into a seperate InDesign file.
* Files are named pageX.indd, where X is the page number, and saved in the folder as the original master file.
* @Copyright: (c) Mohammad Jangda (
* @License: MIT License (
#target indesign
// get the active document
var myTemplate = app.activeDocument;
var myTemplateFile = File(myTemplate.fullName);
// with the active document, do stuff!
// iterate through all pages
for(var num=0; num<myTemplate.pages.length; num++) {
// create new document in the background
var myNewDoc = app.documents.add(true)
// set preferences, particularly size
pageHeight = "96p0";
pageWidth = "68p3";
// set page numbering
myNewDoc.sections[0].continueNumbering = false;
myNewDoc.sections[0].pageNumberStart = (num+1);
// copy elements over from template
myTemplate.pages.item(num).duplicate (LocationOptions.before, myNewDoc.pages[0]);
// import styles
myNewDoc.importStyles(ImportFormat.characterStylesFormat, myTemplateFile)
myNewDoc.importStyles(ImportFormat.paragraphStylesFormat, myTemplateFile)
myNewDoc.importStyles(ImportFormat.textStylesFormat, myTemplateFile)
// close and save as Pagexx.indd
myNewDoc = myNewDoc.close(SaveOptions.yes, File ('page' + (num+1) + '.indd'));
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