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+*INFORMATION*: I'm looking for a new maintainer for this project. Maintaining
+fbcondecor usually requires little effort, and only infrequent changes to the
+code to match updates made in the kernel framebuffer layer. That being said,
+there are still new features that could be implemented (e.g. adding support for
+console rotation) if you have the inclination to do so. Fbcondecor can be a
+nice project to get familiar with the framebuffer console code in the kernel.
+Please drop me an e-mail if you're interested. I can provide a quick overview
+of the code to get you up to speed quickly and suggest things to be done.
+fbcondecor stands for Framebuffer Console Decorations. It is a kernel patch
+that adds eye-candy by making it possible to display pictures in the background
+of system consoles. In order for the patch to work properly, a userspace helper
+application called fbcondecor_helper has to be installed. This application is
+currently provided as a part of fbsplash.
+At first, the features of both fbsplash and fbcondecor were provided by a
+single kernel patch called bootsplash (developed by Stefan Reinauer, Kenneth
+Wesley Wimer II, Michael Schroeder and Volker Poplawski). It was a solution
+which mostly worked just fine, but had a number of problems and limitations
+(JPEG decoder in the kernel, etc). In 2004, the gensplash project was created
+(by the author of this text, Michal Januszewski). It aimed at creating a
+sanitized version of bootsplash and moving as much code as possible to
+As parts of this project, fbsplash and splashutils were developed. fbplash was
+a kernel patch that made it possible to display background pictures on the
+system consoles, and splashutils were a collection of programs for controlling
+fbsplash and for displaying the "silent" splash screen (image with a progress
+bar, icons, etc).
+This naming scheme was problematic in two ways. First, fbsplash didn't actually
+have anything to do with the silent splash screen, as its name could have
+suggested. Second, many people were confused as to what was necessary to get
+the silent splash working and didn't realize they only needed the userspace
+part (splashutils) for this.
+Thus, in August 2007, in the hope of making things more clear and easy to
+understand, the fbsplash patch was renamed to fbcondecor and the gensplash
+project took the name of fbsplash.
+* I patched my kernel with fbcondecor and I can't see any new options in the
+ configuration menu.
+Please make sure that you have the "Framebuffer Console support"
+(FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE) option enabled and the "Enable Tile Blitting Support"
+(FB_TILEBLITTING) option disabled.

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