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@mjaschen mjaschen released this Oct 27, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release


  • increase the minimum required PHP version to 7.1
  • prod dependencies for several used libraries are raised:
    • "neitanod/forceutf8": "^2.0"
    • "symfony/finder": "^4.0"
    • "symfony/http-foundation": "^4.0"
  • all dev dependencies (except for PHPUnit) are required at their current major release
  • upgrade to PHPUnit 7
  • use strict comparisons where suitable
  • use proper camelCase for all method names (toJSON()toJson(), getJSON()getJson())
  • use the strict_types=1 execution directive globally
  • use return type hints globally
  • use method argument type hints globally (where suitable)
  • introduced visibility declarations for all class constants (all constants in the Type classes were kept public)
  • reduce the visibility of some Response methods
  • Throw an exception if a Zip cannot be opened: ZipArchive::open() returns error codes on failure, not false
  • change behaviour for invalid Zip responses: If a Zip response doesn't contain the CSV part, an InvalidZipResponseException is thrown as such a response is invalid regarding to the Collmex documentation. The previous behaviour was to silently accept such an invalid response and return null.
  • Hard-code the CSV delimiter and enclosure: As the delimiter and enclosure are not subject to change for Collmex, they're hardcoded to reduce code complexity
  • update the Collmex API Base URL



  • drop LeagueParser, as SimpleParser works well enough for CSV files with current versions of PHP
  • remove the deprecated FilterInterface::filter method, as this method has been deprecated in the past
  • drop the parser parameter from the request constructor: there is only one parser here, and there is no need for this flexibility now.
  • drop the generator parameter from the AbstractType constructor: now that there is only one generator,
    there is no need to be flexible about the kind of generator that is used.
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