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=== mzz-pendingcomment ===
Contributors: mjassen
Tags: collabpress
Requires at least:
Tested up to:
Stable tag:

Helper Plugin for CollabPress plugin for WordPress

== Description ==

Mzz Pendingcomment helper plugin for CollabPress -- as they are made sets collabpress comments to pending.

Features include:

* overrides the default behavior of CollabPress which is to always set a comment status to published.
* Doesn't modify core code, neither of CollabPress nor of WordPress.

= Get Involved =

Mzz Pendingcomment is an Open Source project. See and contribute to Mzz Pendingcomment on the GitHub repository:

== Changelog ==
= 0.0.1 =
* changes versioning system to new system of 'x.x.x'
* this is the first working version of the plugin.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

== Installation ==

1. Put the mzz-pendingcomment.php file into a folder called mzz-pendingcomment and upload the folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress installation.
2. From the WordPress dashboard, activate the plugin.
You're done! Now any time someone creates a comment on a CollabPress task, its status will default to pending.