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Interested in Contributing?

Good stuff! Your contributions to Practical Modern JavaScript and the Modular JavaScript campaign efforts will be greatly appreciated! 馃憦

You can help raise the quality bar for my books by helping me fix bugs in code, grammar, or explanations. Feel free to report an issue and let me know! This way, we can minimize the amount of errata we'll have to publish later on and improve the overall quality of the book series.

You may want to check out the Atlas AsciiDoc markup reference to get familiar with the AsciiDoc file format. It's fairly straightforward, sugar on top of Markdown!

What Helps?

Code sample not working for you? This is a problem. If you know the fix, submit a PR that fixes it. If you don't, open an issue explaining what's wrong.

Was an explanation too contrived or conflated? This isn't ideal. I'd like to keep explanations practical, yet informative. They shouldn't feel too meager, nor beat around the bush. Consider opening an issue with your thoughts and we can collaborate on improving my wording.

Is a code sample unclear? This is just as bad as a code sample not working at all. I want your help!

Find yourself tripping over a sentence, over and over? This is called a "garden path", and I'd love to get rid of it. Submit a PR to make that sentence read more easily!

Did I repeat myself while explaining a concept? Please let me know! As a writer, I try and re-read my content over and over to ensure I don't repeat myself. In a large project like this, it is not uncommon to inadvertently repeat explanations in consecutive paragraphs.


By contributing content to this repository, you agree implicitly to giving me a non-exclusive license to use that content as I (and O'Reilly Media, the publisher) deem appropriate.