Change close in alert from button to link so pressing enter in form stil... #84

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...l submits the form

Right now if there are errors in your form with an alert at the top. Pressing enter will not submit the form but close the alert.

If the button close is changed to a link it works as expected and the form submits on pressing enter


This makes a lot of sense, thank you! Do you know if this behavior is consistent with other bootstrap uses? Also I would need to make at least a minor version bump, since this might require changes to some CSS in use (not a problem, just a note to myself to do the minor bump when I merge it).


I believe this is consistent with other bootstrap uses. Formtastic(and rails in general) just makes it more likely that you would have an error alert within the form because of the semantic_errors_for helper.

@sodabrew sodabrew merged commit 95fed68 into mjbellantoni:master Sep 8, 2013
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