Add support for Bootstrap 3 #86

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This branch adds preliminary support for Bootstrap 3. This provides correct wrapping for most of the major form fields but doesn't do anything to open up access to a lot of the newly introduces Bootstrap features.

added some commits Nov 24, 2013
@mjbellantoni Converts "control-group" to "form-group".
This is work to support Bootstrap 3.  Take the elements which had
a "control-group" class added and change it to "form-group". Change
the method names to reflect this.
@mjbellantoni Removes generation of the class "control-label".
This is work to support Bootstrap 3. In this version the "control-label"
is dropped.  We no longer create it and change the name of the methods
to reflect this change.
@mjbellantoni Removes the controls_wrapping method.
This is work to support Bootstrap 3.  Remove the controls_wrapping
method as Bootstrap 3 eliminates this entirely.
@mjbellantoni Adds "form-control" class where required.
This is work to support Bootstrap 3.  In this version "form-control"
is added.

I needed to do some interpretation about how datetime_select and
friends should work.  It sort of works now, but only on FireFox:
WebKit browsers seem to ignore the "height" attribute added in the
CSS.  I might revisit this at some point -- it's pretty annoying.
@mjbellantoni Creates correct checkbox markup for Bootstrap 3. 2c94216
@mjbellantoni Creates correct radio button markup for Bootstrap 3. d1dcd73
@mjbellantoni Updates the README ... somewhat. 20349a7
@mjbellantoni v3.0.0.rc.1 d185a2d
@mjbellantoni mjbellantoni merged commit 6758345 into master Nov 25, 2013


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