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Brushless servo and quadrupedal robot
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moteus brushless servo

This contains full designs for the moteus brushless servo actuator, including firmware and PCBs, along with additional mechanical and electrical designs allowing one to combine the actuators into a quadraped robot.

WARNING: This is not just a software project. It includes designs for moderately high power electronics. It has not yet burned down my (or anyone's that I know of) house, but there are no guarantees.


All files contained in this repository, unless otherwise noted, are available under an Apache 2.0 License:

Directory structure

  • hw/ - hardware (mechanical and electrical designs)
    • controller/ - PCB design for servo controller
    • 6008_leg/ - brackets and 3d printed parts for robot leg
    • busbar/ - power distribution PCB
    • imu_junction/ - IMU and power distribution for quadruped
  • mjlib/ - software libraries common with firmware and host platform
  • moteus/ - firmware for brushless controller
  • tools/ - bazel build configure

Setup of an individual actuator

Building and flashing the moteus firmware

The flash target works out of the box with a stm32f3discovery based programmer board.

tools/bazel test -c opt --cpu stm32f4 //moteus:flash

or, to flash an already built binary


Initial configuration

First, build the configuration tool:

tools/bazel test //moteus:moteus_tool

Next, calibrate the encoder. IMPORTANT: The servo must be able to spin freely to complete this calibration.

./bazel-bin/moteus/moteus_tool --target 1 --calibrate -v

Test the calibration by commanding a low current position in tview:

d pos 0 0 5
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