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A vim script for enhanced gf mapping for aimed at python webprojects
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Usage: place plugin/gf.vim in your ~/.vim/plugin directory

GetFilePlus is a simple enhancement on the gf mappings it does the following

1. standard 'find file/path.ext' first as normal gf would.

2. does a 'find ./file/path.ext'. check

    This is for when a file path starts with a / (often js and css references).

    eg: /js/some_file.js that actually  resides in media/js/some_file.js

    Note for this to be useful you need to set up your :set path to refer to
    the directories you want. (Eg. I have :set path+=media/ in my .vimrc)

3. does a python path check eg.

    from django.contrib.admin.views import foobar

    would open /yourvirtualenv/lib/site-packages/django/contrib/admin/

    Note for this to work you need the python path to set eg in your .vimrc
    python import sys;sys.path = sys.path + ['yourvirtualenv/lib/site-packages/']

Also as a bonus There is a command included to make it easier to open python
files from the command line.

    :Ppath django.contrib.admin.views<cr>

    would open /yourvirtualenv/lib/site-packages/django/contrib/admin/

Note as is the script will send any import errors to screen. If this is the
case then it's just sys.path not configured properly

This script needs vim python support
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