Nightly builds of SFML for OS X. Note that these are "unofficial" nightly builds.
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This repository is dedicated to my build scripts for automatically building SFML for various configurations for OS X. Note that these scripts and my builds are not offical SFML scripts or builds. They are straight from the SFML master branch, unmodified by me, but for official builds you can visit the SFML website:

The official builds are only for official releases of SFML. Some people may be interested in builds based off of the latest snapshots of SFML, and for those people I offer these builds. If you want some instructions, visit my website:

If you have problems with these builds, or requests or other feedback, please open an issue on this Github page. If you have problems with SFML itself, please visit the SFML website, forums, or Github page for help with these problems or to report bugs.

Nightly builds for Windows can be found on eXpl0it3r's website:

Feel free to contribute to these build scripts! I don't claim to be a build script ninja or an OS X guru, so if there's a better way to do things or if you have other contributions to make, they're more than welcome!