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Adds syntax highlighting and language support for html inside of JavaScript and TypeScript tagged template strings, such as used in lit-html and other frameworks.


  • Syntax highlighting of inline html blocks.
  • IntelliSense for html tags and attributes.
  • Quick info hovers on tags.
  • Formatting support.
  • Auto closing tags.
  • Folding html.
  • CSS completions in style blocks.
  • Works with literal html strings that contain placeholders.


The lit-html extension adds highlighting and IntelliSense for lit-html template strings in JavaScript and TypeScript. It works out of the box when you use VS Code's built-in version of TypeScript.

If you are using VS Code 1.30 or older and are using a workspace version of typescript, you must currently configure the TS Server plugin manually by following these instructions


You can either configure this plugin using a tsconfig or jsconfig as described here, or configure the plugin using VS Code. This requires VS Code 1.30+ and TS 3.2+. Note the VS Code based configuration override the tsconfig or jsconfig configuration.


This extension adds html IntelliSense to any template literal tagged with html or raw:

import {html} from 'lit-html'

const a = html`

You can enable IntelliSense for other tag names by settings "lit-html.tags":

"lit-html.tags": [


The plugin formats html code by default. You can disable this by setting "lit-html.format.enabled": false:

"lit-html.format.enabled": false


Adds syntax highlighting for html inside of JavaScript and TypeScript tagged template strings



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