A Brainfuck to Shakespeare 'transpiler'
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Behold! The greatest project of all-time, the Brainfuck to Shakespeare transpiler: Brain2Speare. Because I can't name projects. Obviously, Speare2Brain is a better name but it would also be a completely different program. 

Naive as all hell, I abuse the stack in Shakespeare and hope there aren't over 1024 different memory addresses referenced in the source program. If there are, tough luck, we'll have to make Juliet even fatter.

Thanks to:
* William Shakespeare, for creating the Shakespeare language
* Jon Åslund and Karl Hasselström, the actual creators of Shakespeare
* Urban Müller, for Brainfuck
* Brian Wong, for providing the spark of life for this insane idea

Languages used:
* Python

Libaries used:
* roman (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/roman)
* Standard Python libaries

Future improvements:
* The character reading stuff is kind of dodgy, so maybe look at that.
* Randomise the names and statements to make the scripts more entertaining.
* Make a changelog, I guess
* Big one: Move away from the 'abuse the stack' implementation to something cool. Alternatively, make the current implementation less bloated.