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Declarative constraint-based structured drawing system in Perl (as per chapter 9 of "Higher-Order Perl")
Perl Prolog
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There is some documentation in the doc/ directory.  More complete
documentation is at

and in chapter 9 of the book "Higher-Order Perl".  (See .)

The default Makefile target runs the tests.  Unit tests are in t/
and system tests are in u/ .

To see a quick demonstration of Linogram, use
	make demo

and then compare the input files, in demo/*.lino, and the output
files, in demo/*.jpg. 

Linogram's base output is in PostScript, so you will not get the JPEGs
unless you have ps2jpg installed, but you may also use any other
PS-to-JPEG converter, such as ImageMagick; modifying the ".ps.jpg"
target in the Makefile is probably the easiest way to do this.
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