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default: cf-demo between surd surd2 t/appendtest t/arraytest doc
HDRS= cf.h cf_append.h cf_arith.h cf_between.h cf_float.h cf_holo.h cf_it.h cf_rat.h cf_per.h
SRCS= cf.c cf_append.c cf_arith.c cf_between.c cf_float.c cf_holo.c cf_it.c cf_rat.c cf_per.c main.c
MANS= man/demo.1 man/libcf.3
doc: man/ man/demo.pdf
cf.o: cf.c cf.h
cf_append.o: cf_append.c cf_append.h cf.h
cf_arith.o: cf_arith.c cf_arith.h cf.h
cf_between.o: cf_between.c cf_between.h cf.h
cf_float.o: cf_float.c cf_float.h cf.h
cf_holo.o: cf_holo.c cf_holo.h cf.h
cf_it.o: cf_it.c cf_it.h cf.h
cf_per.o: cf_per.c cf_per.h cf.h
cf_rat.o: cf_rat.c cf_rat.h cf.h
cf-demo: main.o libcf.a
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o cf-demo $^ $(LIBS)
between: between.o libcf.a
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o between $^ $(LIBS)
t/arraytest: t/arraytest.o libcf.a
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o t/arraytest $^ $(LIBS)
surd: surd.o libcf.a
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o surd $^ $(LIBS)
surd2: surd2.o libcf.a
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o surd2 $^ $(LIBS)
t/appendtest: t/appendtest.o libcf.a
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o t/appendtest $^ $(LIBS)
libcf.a: cf.o cf_append.o cf_arith.o cf_between.o cf_rat.o cf_float.o cf_holo.o cf_arith.o cf_it.o cf_per.o
ar cr libcf.a $?
ranlib libcf.a
main.o: main.c cf.h cf_rat.h cf_float.h cf_holo.h cf_arith.h cf_it.h cf_per.h
between.o: between.c cf_between.h cf_rat.h cf.h
arraytest.o: arraytest.c cf_per.h
rm -f *.o
veryclean: clean
rm -f *.a demo cf.tgz
dist: cf.tgz
cf.tgz: $(SRCS) $(HDRS) $(MANS) Makefile
tar czf cf.tgz *.[ch1-9] Makefile
man/ man/demo.1
groff -man man/demo.1 > man/
man/demo.pdf: man/
ps2pdf man/ && mv demo.pdf man
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