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Hugo theme based on on the Hugo port


of the startbootstrap theme

Start Bootstrap Clean Blog


Apart from cosmetic changes most of this theme is the same as the one this is forked from. The main difference is that this fork uses the original PHP5 email forwarder with some automation scripts bundled by a Makefile.

Test setup ASIS

Just use this package asis.

As is (without email forwarder)

hugo server --theme=theme.toml

As is + email forwarder

You need GNU make installed or set the Makefile variables manually

SCRIPTS = scripts<br>
CONFIG  = theme.toml

Edit the config file theme.toml and set the contact address in the [params] section

   contact = "<contact>@<address>.org"

to an email adress of an account that will receive the contact messages. Then run

make site

In theory that is it. A bit more detailed explanation of what this make command does is available with

make howto-site

In practice you will have to set up your web server for testing so it can forward the email messages.

In order to send a test mail you could run

make test-mail

but this would most certainly not work as your mail forwarding process needs support from your web server (hugo won't do here). There are detailed setup instructions available with

make howto-test-mail

As is with external blog/debate provider

Uncomment the [params.meta] section in your configuration file, set the "provider" field to your favourite devate provider you signed up for (I support DISQUS, IntenseDebate, BurnZone, and LiveFyre). From your debate provider you will get a blog or forum id which goes into the "forumid" field.

To activate comments (or a debate) for a particular post page add the variable debate_id="00001" in the font matter of your post. The value "00001" identifies the particular discussion board to be displayed on your page.

See static/js/debate.js for the implementation of the discussion board. You will also find bit's pieces in the footer snippets in the layout/partial folder.

Theme setup


hugo new site my-site
mkdir -p themes/clean-site
git clone themes/clean-site
cp themes/clean-site/Makefile .
(echo "theme='clean-site'";cat themes/clean-site/theme.toml) >config.toml

Now the system is set up. Run

hugo server

in order to test it. You may want to copy some more test content from the theme as

cp themes/clean-site/content/*.md content/

Now go back to the section [As is + email forwarder] in order to setup email.

Full features set up

Please have a look at




-- jordan