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- text module:
- repair PDF generation with unincluded standard fonts (currently broken)
- change DSC in PS fonts: Resource instead of Font (also in pswriter)
- SlantFont & Co support
- keep an eye on PEP 324 (popen 5): it could make the texrunner much easier
- discuss reltransform:
- add encoding; check whether encoding=ascii works well for the common existing cases
- write graphics driver for pgf.sty from LaTeX
- ignore "(Please type a command or say `\end')" in preamble method
- properly handle file names with spaces in (like "C:\program files\texmf\tex\latex\base\article.cls" in
- graph.graph module
- common bboxes for different graphs
- circular graphs
- axis painter labelattrs=None + automatic axis partitioning leads to no valid partitioning
- when all titles are None, a graph key currently raises an exception
- translatecanvas should be the default in
- automatic scaling of y-axis according to subset of data shown on x-axis
- graph.axis.timeaxis.timetick must not override datetime.datetime __init__ method (since datetime.datetime
instances are immutable like ints)
- and modules
- fix docu of gridattrs functionality of axis painters
(how can one, e.g. draw a grid at the ticks and not at the subticks)
- make a instance (to be discussed)
- module:
- use csv module (new in 2.3)
- Check for "inf" and "nan" in datafiles.
(When plotted, the graph does not complain, but the output will be broken;
this depends on the plattform and is not only an issue within the graph system)
- module:
- add styles using curves instead of lines
- graph.texter module:
- rename period argument of decimal texters to recurring_decimal or something similar (as pointed out
by Tim Head)
- canvas module:
- SVG support
- stroking of patterns does not work in PDF
- style and color module:
- support modification of existing styles via __call__
- bitmap module:
- ReusableStreamDecode?
- proper ASCII85Decode/HexDecode switch
- deformer module:
- move helper path routines to some more generic place for paths?
- pdffile module needed (similar to epsfile)
- open discussion:
- clearly distingish between readers and writers. dvifile, epsfile, etc. might
be renamed to dvireader, epsreader ...
- support gsave and grestore in some way to make context handling easier?
- ps/pdfwriters:
- support colorspace argument (like c.writeEPSfile("bla", colorspace="cmyk"))
- move pyx.def, lfs-files etc. into a new share directory
- write which substitutes some of the pattern functionality using
re-usable canvases
- libkpathsea bindung:
- create a ctypes based binding to replace the extension module implementation in the long
- path module:
- describe + vs << vs join
- more details in path constructor: allowed pathels, first pathel...
- set method
- pattern module:
- check and update
- graphics section:
Changeable attributes should be explained at a central place.
- box module:
- linealign and circlealign
- need to be redone anyway
- graph module:
styles: document what data name the styles accept (require). Try also to be more
userfriendly and not to describe immediately the internals of the implementation:
(see e.g.
- document interface to access tick positions
- add an epsfile example (suggested by Stathis Sideris)
- add a small example line on y="f($1)" in one of the plot examples
- describe creation and modification (inplace and ``modify by new'') of
graph data