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Merge branch 'nh/empty-rebase' into next

"git rebase" learned to optionally keep commits that do not introduce any
change in the original history.

By Neil Horman
* nh/empty-rebase:
  git cherry-pick: do not dereference a potential NULL pointer
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commit 8a79d964318316d4ce0606e0bf1c5fa7b677a641 2 parents a70d858 + 4b58006
@gitster gitster authored
Showing with 11 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +11 −3 sequencer.c
14 sequencer.c
@@ -261,9 +261,17 @@ static int is_index_unchanged(void)
return error(_("Could not resolve HEAD commit\n"));
head_commit = lookup_commit(head_sha1);
- if (!head_commit || parse_commit(head_commit))
- return error(_("could not parse commit %s\n"),
- sha1_to_hex(head_commit->object.sha1));
+ /*
+ * If head_commit is NULL, check_commit, called from
+ * lookup_commit, would have indicated that head_commit is not
+ * a commit object already. parse_commit() will return failure
+ * without further complaints in such a case. Otherwise, if
+ * the commit is invalid, parse_commit() will complain. So
+ * there is nothing for us to say here. Just return failure.
+ */
+ if (parse_commit(head_commit))
+ return -1;
if (!active_cache_tree)
active_cache_tree = cache_tree();
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