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Merge branch 'js/rev-parse-doc-fix'

By Jon Seymour
* js/rev-parse-doc-fix:
  rev-parse doc: --git-dir does not always show a relative path
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2 parents 1221941 + d0740ce commit 8d19426f985afdf4cc34f88198226964566dcdc1 @gitster gitster committed May 23, 2012
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@@ -137,7 +137,8 @@ shown. If the pattern does not contain a globbing character (`?`,
Show `$GIT_DIR` if defined. Otherwise show the path to
- the .git directory, relative to the current directory.
+ the .git directory. The path shown, when relative, is
+ relative to the current working directory.
If `$GIT_DIR` is not defined and the current directory
is not detected to lie in a git repository or work tree

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