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mjg59 Fix boot when there's no TPM
If the firmware has TPM support but has no TPM, we're jumping to core.img
without popping the registers back onto the stack. Fix that.
Latest commit c9016d2 Mar 24, 2016
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asm-tests asm-tests/i386-pc: Check that near jumps are 2 bytes. Mar 5, 2016
build-aux Autogenerate ChangeLog from git changelog. Jan 24, 2015
conf Do not include generated gnulib headers in tarball Mar 5, 2016
docs Document bootlocation discovery limitations and xen platform limitations Mar 5, 2016
grub-core Fix boot when there's no TPM Mar 23, 2016
include Core TPM support Mar 5, 2016
m4 update m4/extern-inline.m4 to upstream version to fix compilation on … Mar 5, 2015
po Remove reliance C.UTF-8 Mar 5, 2016
tests fstester: Enforce LC_ALL=C Mar 5, 2016
themes/starfield Starfield theme. Feb 23, 2012
unicode * unicode: Import Unicode 6.0 data. Dec 25, 2011
util mkimage: zero fill alignment space Mar 5, 2016
.gitignore gpt: start new GPT module Oct 18, 2014
ABOUT-NLS automake commit without merge history May 6, 2010
AUTHORS 2005-09-03 Yoshinori K. Okuji <> Sep 3, 2005
BUGS * BUGS: New file. Jan 10, 2011
COPYING 2007-07-22 Yoshinori K. Okuji <> Jul 21, 2007
ChangeLog-2015 Autogenerate ChangeLog from git changelog. Jan 24, 2015
INSTALL Allow overriding the python to be used by setting $PYTHON. Mar 5, 2015 tests: remove hardcoded paths from syslinux_test Feb 16, 2015
Makefile.util.def gpt: add search by disk uuid command Mar 5, 2016
NEWS NEWS: more additions Mar 5, 2016
README README: Remove dead link to the wiki Mar 5, 2016
THANKS 2009-12-11 Robert Millan <> Dec 11, 2009
TODO 2008-01-07 Robert Millan <> Jan 7, 2008
acinclude.m4 use TARGET_LDFLAGS in grub_PROG_OBJCOPY_ABSOLUTE Mar 5, 2016 autogen: Use cp instead of ln -s. Mar 5, 2016 Remove libgcc dependency. Mar 3, 2015 configure: fix macports flex version detection Mar 5, 2016
coreboot.cfg * coreboot.cfg: Add missing file. Nov 19, 2013 automake commit without merge history May 6, 2010 Add transform_data as a variant of data with substitutions. Mar 5, 2016 fix error when removing non-existing autogenerated files Mar 5, 2016


This is GRUB 2, the second version of the GRand Unified Bootloader.
GRUB 2 is rewritten from scratch to make GNU GRUB cleaner, safer, more
robust, more powerful, and more portable.

See the file NEWS for a description of recent changes to GRUB 2.

See the file INSTALL for instructions on how to build and install the
GRUB 2 data and program files.

Please visit the official web page of GRUB 2, for more information.
The URL is <>.

More extensive documentation is available in the Info manual,
accessible using 'info grub' after building and installing GRUB 2.

There are a number of important user-visible differences from the
first version of GRUB, now known as GRUB Legacy. For a summary, please

  info grub Introduction 'Changes from GRUB Legacy'
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