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Checkout from git
If you use the tarball, you can just skip that section. If you checked out the
kexec-tools from git repository, you have to build the Autoconf-generated
file yourself with running
You have to install "autoconf" for that. After that, you should have a file
called "configure" in the top-level directory of kexec-tools, and you can
continue with the next step.
You should check first if your favourite Linux distribution doesn't offer a
package. If that package is recent enough, you should consider using that
package instead.
However, if you want to install kexec-tools from sources
(1) Run ./configure [--prefix=/usr/local] [options]...
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
For a full list of options run
./configure --help
(2) Run make
(3) To install kexec-tools
After following the above instructions to build-kexec tools, run
make install
Static compilation
To compile kexec-tools statically (i.e., independent of libraries that are
present on the system), use
LDFLAGS=-static ./configure <options>
Cross compilation
Because kexec is also used in the embedded world, cross-compilation is
supported. You cannot only set "CC", "LD", "CCFLAGS" and "LDFLAGS" environment
variables for the ./configure call as usual, you can also set
TARGET_CC -- the C compiler used for files that should run on the
TARGET_CCFLAGS -- compilation flags for $TARGET_CC
TARGET_LD -- linker used for files that should run on the
Because the build process also requires files that must be executed during the
build, you also need a host compiler, only the target compiler is not enough.
BUILD_CC -- the C compiler used for files that should run on the
host (the system that builds the kexec-tools)
BUILD_CFLAGS -- compilation flags for $BUILD_CC
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