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Who's Calling Me? - Houston Coding Boot Camp project 1 by The Placeholders
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Who's Calling Me?

by The Placeholders

  • Dara Anya
  • Mark Gardner
  • Aaron Gladstone
  • Victoria Puente

The target audience of this application is everyone who receives unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers and other spammers. The application helps to solve this problem by providing a means to look up the location and reputation of any given 10-digit US phone number. We do this by displaying a search box, a map, address (when possible), various reputation metrics, and a list of recent searches.

APIs used:

  • Google Firebase
  • Google Maps
  • Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation
  • Whitepages Pro Reverse Phone

Libraries used:

  • Bootstrap
  • Day.js
  • jQuery
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