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Project Ideas project

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This is a site for collecting project ideas, with features to comment and rate them. Our target audience is ourselves or other students — we had trouble coming up with a project idea, so we thought it would be nice to have a site where anyone can submit ideas and comment on them.

Our goal is to make the site as self-explanatory as possible, with a home page that displays all project ideas along with their average rating. We also envision a search box, enabling the user to search project titles and descriptions. Each project idea will have its own page, allowing the user to edit the project title and description or add comments/ratings. The comments can optionally be signed with an email address, which will be used to display the commenter's Gravatar picture.

Stretch goals for the site include displaying an image for each project idea (perhaps a screenshot or mockup) and a trending section that measures project popularity by counting page views. Another stretch goal is adding categories or tags for each project, along with separate category/tag pages.

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