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create BagIt style packages of digital content
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This package can be used to create BagIt style packages programmatically
in Python or from the command line.  More about BagIt can be found at: is a standalone python module that you can drop into your 
project as needed or you can install globally with:

  python install

From python you can use the bagit module to make a bag like this: 

  import bagit
  bag = bagit.make_bag('mydir', {'Contact-Name': 'Ed Summers'})

Or if you've got an existing bag

  import bagit
  bag = bagit.Bag('/path/to/bag')

Or from the command line: --contact-name 'Ed Summers' mydir

If you'd like to generate the checksums using parallel system processes, 
instead of single process:

  bagit.make_bag('mydir', {'Contact-Name': 'Ed Summers'}, processes=4) 

or: --processes 4 --contact-name 'Ed Summers' mydir

bag --help will give the full set of options.


  % git clone git://
  % cd bagit 
  % python

If you'd like to see how increasingl parallelization of bag creation on 
your system effects the time to create a bag try using the included bench 

  % ./


  * define the return value of make_bag
  * add validation
  * write manifest to tmp file first before moving stuff around, so that 
    if the manifest generation throws an exception the bag directory
    will be left untouched


Ed Summers <>


Public Domain <>
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