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Ebook Template



  1. Fork/Clone
  2. npm link
  3. Install Yeoman (if necessary) - npm install -g yo
  4. Create a new project directory, and then run the generator - yo ebook-template
  5. Run npm start to fire up the server


  1. Update left header - DONE
  2. Update right header - DONE
  3. Add sample - DONE
  4. Update main image - DONE
  5. Ask if user wants to use a main book image - DONE
  6. Update download and read online buttons - DONE
  7. Update green styles - DONE
  8. Update "What's Inside" - DONE
  9. Update blue styles - DONE
  10. Update testimonials - DONE
  11. Update about the author - DONE
  12. Update social share
  13. Refactor HTML
    • rename "chapters-main" section to "contents-main"
  14. Refactor CSS
    • remove un-used styles
  15. Make favicon dynamic
  16. Add Gumroad

Make sure to update gh-pages branch: git subtree push --prefix _example origin gh-pages