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Developing Microservices - Node, React, and Docker

Build Status CircleCI


Name Service Container Tech
Web Web web React, React-Router
Movies API Movies movies Node, Express
Movies DB Movies movies-db Postgres
Swagger Movies swagger Swagger UI
Users API Users users Node, Express
Users DB Users users-db Postgres
Functional Tests Test n/a TestCafe

Want to learn how to build this project?

Check out the blog post.

Want to use this project?


  1. Fork/Clone this repo

  2. Download Docker (if necessary)

  3. Make sure you are using a Docker version >= 17:

    $ docker -v
    Docker version 17.03.0-ce, build 60ccb22

Build and Run the App

Set the Environment variables

$ export NODE_ENV=development

Fire up the Containers

Build the images:

$ docker-compose build

Run the containers:

$ docker-compose up -d

Migrate and Seed

With the apps up, run:

$ sh

Sanity Check

Test out the following services...

(1) Users - http://localhost:3000
Endpoint HTTP Method CRUD Method Result
/users/ping GET READ pong
/users/register POST CREATE add a user
/users/login POST CREATE log in a user
/users/user GET READ get user info
(2) Movies - http://localhost:3001
Endpoint HTTP Method CRUD Method Result
/movies/ping GET READ pong
/movies/user GET READ get all movies by user
/movies POST CREATE add a single movie
(3) Web - http://localhost:3007
Endpoint HTTP Method CRUD Method Result
/ GET READ render main page
/login GET READ render login page
/register GET READ render register page
/logout GET READ log a user out
/collection GET READ render collection page
(4) Movies Database and (5) Users Database

To access, get the container id from docker ps and then open psql:

$ docker exec -ti <container-id> psql -U postgres
(6) Functional Tests

With the containers up running and TestCafe globally installed, run:

$ sh
(7) Swagger - http://localhost:3003/docs

Access Swagger docs at the above URL


To stop the containers:

$ docker-compose stop

To bring down the containers:

$ docker-compose down

Want to force a build?

$ docker-compose build --no-cache

Remove images:

$ docker rmi $(docker images -q)
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