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form - part 1
form - part 2
form - part 3
form - part 4

Intro to web2py

Web2py is an open source web application framework, focusing on rapid development. By placing a strong emphasis on ease of use and productivity, it’s one of the easiest frameworks to learn and use. Despite its simplicity, though, web2py is full of features and is quite powerful and flexible—much like the Python language itself.

In this project, I demonstrate how to deploy a basic app (web form), from start to finish, so that you can learn the basics in order to move on to more advanced apps.

All of the following tutorials, and more, can be found on my blog at -

Part 1

Learn how to install web2py on your local computer and deploy a basic app on a cloud platform in less than 10 minutes

Part 2

Learn the basics of Model View Control (MVC) architecture and create a skeleton web form

Part 3

Add data validation to your form

Part 4

Learn how to easily manage records in the database

Part 5

Tutorial - learn how to modify the appearance and layout of the form