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To Do List


  • Continue developing the "Spreadsheet View" of the submission form, and permit users to alter or update the keyboard data directly using it.
  • I should change all the various JavaScript alert boxes to something prettier.
  • I would also like to create charts/diagrams for gamepads, mice and joysticks. But the sheer number of different devices will make this task very difficult.
  • Not sure whether the XML sitemap should list each game once for every platform/layout, or only once, period. Does it confuse the search engines to have multiple diagrams for each game?
  • Should the accordion menus be sorted alphabetically, or should I add a "displayorder" column to each SQL table? If I can come up with an easy way to update a "displayorder" column using SQL commands, then I may add one to each of the tables. Updating such a column manually would be a PITA, however.
  • Should the mouse, joystick, etc. commands be lined up neatly into pairs with the left and right parts separated by an equal '=' sign? For instance using a table? Or should I instead use a definition/description list? This should not be too hard since I already store the left and right texts in separate fields in the database itself.
  • Instead of having one genre per game, I could maybe create a tag cloud so that a game can be placed in multiple genres. What type of GUI would this necessitate? Is this even possible using MySQL?
  • How granular do I want to get with respect to video game genres? Should I list sub-genres and sub-sub-genres? How many genres? Which ones?
  • Find out if the GitHub Powershell tool can accept multi-line commit messages.
  • I merged the HTML and SVG formats into one format. The diagrams are no longer rendered using pure HTML code, and the SVG file is now once again embedded within an HTML wrapper. (This is how the old "embed" format worked.) Not sure what effect using SVG will have on search engines, however. Do search engines parse text contained inside SVG files?
  • Now that I have ditched the HTML format in favor of SVG for the principal rendering method, should I also update the editor to do the same? This will require some cross-frame JavaScript as well as SVG text input, which I'm not sure is going to be easy.
  • Users should maybe be able to enter text directly onto the keyboard diagram on the submission form. Have to think this through, as things could get very messy.
  • Users should maybe be able to press the ALT modifier key and see the bindings that make use of it. There is another project on the Web that works in this manner.
  • File permissions recently started getting messed up when uploading new files using FileZilla. Is it a bug in the software? I now have to fix the permissions manually each time I upload a new file. I need to figure out what is going on.
  • I thought the ID for each key in the "positions" table was based on the IBM position codes. However, apparently this is not the case. Should I edit the position table so that they are based on the IBM position codes?
  • I would like for the "command_text" column in the "commands" table to be set to NOT NULL. But I will have to come up with something else to put into that column when adding "Additional Notes" to the table. Unlike the other command types, the "Additional Notes" category usually leaves that column blank.
  • Need to create a form for users to create and submit new keyboard layouts with. Or, support layout scripts created using other software such as Keyboard Layout Editor.
  • Whether or not to show lower-case key caps should maybe be a per-game setting rather than a per-layout setting. Or, allow users toggle them on/off manually.
  • Since the main diagrams are now rendered in SVG, I could make it so the Enter key on the European ISO layouts have the correct "L" shape. I.e. a polygon with six vertices instead a rectangle with four vertices. However, the database currently only stores a key's position, width and height - not its vertices.
  • Need to switch to using something other than JavaScript alert boxes for providing users with feedback. Alert boxes can be disabled by users in some browsers.
  • The warning about unset/missing caption colors on the submission form could benefit from a checkbox allowing users to enable or disable future warnings. It could go beneath the "Enter new lines by typing \n" message in the left pane.
  • Automatically send confirmation emails to anyone who completes the submission form. Also, do this for the email form on my main website too.
  • I should be able to easily create "Typing Reference" schemes for every keyboard layout. I would like to have the GUI strings translated into their respective languages first, however.
  • There needs to be additional indication on the submission page that there is a "Help Pane" as well as a "Spreadsheet View".
  • "Spreadsheet View" needs to be renamed to something else since I am not generating an actual spreadsheet.
  • Should create a table of authors/contributers that automatically pulls info from the database. It should show a list of authors, and the stuff they contributed.
  • Experiment again with scaling and rotating the diagrams so that they become easier to print.
  • The TSV code on the Spreadsheet page of the submission form is not always lining up properly. Need to set the container to overflow instead of wrap.
  • The tables "contrib_layouts", "contrib_games" and "contrib_styles" are missing time and date stamps indicating when items were created or modified.
  • I would like to audit changes to the database with a record of who made each change and when. Recording the actual content that was changed may be overkill, though. Maybe I can install a versioning system intended specifically for databases.
  • Auditing changes to the database might be easier if I write a frontend tool for users to make changes with, versus doing everything myself in MySQL Workbench. Also, IIRC, there are issues related to creating and running stored procedures on my Web server that have to do with either the installed MySQL version, the PHP version, or simply some rules imposed by the Web host.
  • Not sure every table needs a single numerical index column. Using two or more existing columns to form a composite key might suffice in a number of cases.
  • Once I get auditing set up, it would be great if the submission form had an additional pane showing the change history. The tab icon could be an image of a clock face.
  • Hopefully, an update trigger will not be fired for every single row that gets altered. That would be too much data.
  • In the two "keygroups" tables, make sure that the index of each group is not hardcoded. If possible, merge both tables into a single table.
  • On the submission form, replace the X icon in the tool bar with arrows pointing left and right.
  • Need to add instructions to the effect that the SHIFT, ALT, etc. commands may require colors assigned to them, but these colors will not necessarily be displayed in the current version of the chart.
  • I would like to change the text shown in the color selection boxes of the submission form from "non" to "null" or something else. This might have an adverse effect on some scripts, however.
  • Need to create one or more styles that are accessible to people with color- blindness.
  • The "Create New Diagram" button on the frontend page should have a "hover" effect that changes the button's color.
  • Maybe replace "up", "down", "right", "left" with arrow icons?
  • Fix the RDF stuff in SVG files so that author names are not duplicated multiple times.
  • My SQL queries are very simple, and all processing of data is done using PHP scripts. A lot of the same tasks could probably be performed quicker and easier in SQL using joins.
  • The file "keyboard-sitemap.php" is a tool and does not need to use the site's styling. It should also be moved into the "lib" directory.
  • The scripts get kind of flaky when both an SEO string and a game ID are provided in the URL. Not sure which of the two should take precedence.
  • I moved most PHP routines and SQL statements to two dedicated files. But this may be worse for performance since only a subset of the routines are needed at any given time. Should I split the two big files into several smaller ones?
  • Generate MediaWiki code for layouts as well as for games.
  • Add support in the MediaWiki template for toggling the numpad on/off.
  • Add support in the MediaWiki template for shift/ctrl/alt command colors, even if it's not currently possible to display these colors properly. [Ed. the reasoning being that it may possible to display these colors properly at some point in the future.]


  • Sub-pages should maybe not repeat the parent project's title since the title already appears in the site's horizontal breadcrumbs. Not sure.
  • The key caption legend should also be configurable. Right now it always says "SHIFT", "CTRL", "ALT", etc. and can't be customized. Not sure which table to put this stuff in. There will need to be a way to turn each string on and off as well as insert a value.
  • Several of the PHP and JS files should not be directly accessible via the Web. [Ed. this can be done easily for PHP files, but not JS or CSS files as far as I can tell.]
  • Users of the submission form should be able to specify a layout using a drop- down list or whatever within the form itself. Users are already able to specify and edit a "Blank Sample" for every layout starting from the frontend page. But this is insufficient, IMO.


  • Implement a "languages" table. [Ed. It may be sufficient to simply tie the languages of the bindings to the languages of the keyboard layouts.]
  • Maybe the red in the "Warm" styles can be made deeper? [Ed. I tried this, but it didn't look nice.]
  • Should maybe store the SVG patterns, filters and gradients in separate files, rather than cluttering up the main SVG files. [Ed. separating this stuff into additional files makes it harder to trade or upload the diagrams elsewhere.]


  • In the submission form, selecting a colored OPTION element should change the color of the corresponding parent SELECT element as well.
  • A warning should be thrown ONBEFOREUNLOAD if someone attempts to leave the submission form and there is any unsaved or unsubmitted data.
  • Make sure all buttons in the submission form have their TITLE attributes set so that tooltips appear when hovering the mouse over them.
  • The Creative Commons and GNU icons need to have their ALT attributes set.
  • The CAPTCHA dialog should check for a correct security code before sending the user on to the next page. At the very least, it should warn the user that he or she will not be able to return to the form page after clicking the submit button.
  • Convert input TABLEs to DIVs.
  • Need a loading icon since it takes a while for all the AJAX stuff (e.g. reCAPTCHA) to download and load fully.
  • The "required" attribute of the email INPUT elements should cause the submission form to not post if those INPUTs are not filled properly. This includes the email address field, which requires special syntax.
  • The footer area is the same for many of the views. It could be stored in a separate file and simply included when needed.
  • It may be better to reverse the order of the selection dialogs on the front page. E.g. select the Keyboard first, then the Style, and then the Game. Otherwise, finding bindings for the German or French keyboards will be like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  • Remake the loading icon in animated WebP format. Does this graphics format work properly in other browsers besides Google Chrome?
  • Experiment with flexbox in the "CSS3 Testing" theme. The "Command" DIVs could make use of it to automatically wrap or resize themselves based on the amount of space available to them.
  • Embedded icon images not showing up anymore. See the bindings for Homeworld 2 for an example.
  • "Patterned Grayscale" theme has several newly-introduced issues since I switched from HTML to SVG rendering. [Ed. On second thought, it's not so bad. Maybe I will leave things the way they are.]
  • Optgroup styles are messed up in dark/black themes in Firefox. [Ed. I ended up removing all styling from the select lists and instead set them back to their defaults.]
  • Rename "html_XXXXX.css" files to "submit_XXXXX.css" and/or rename "keyboard-html.php" to "keyboard-embed.php".
  • The HTML editor should throw an error if a legend group has not been assigned to each and every binding.
  • Submission form may not be generating enough table columns for the "bindings" table.
  • Add a toggle to turn the numpad on and off.
  • Maybe rename "Win" key to "Super" or "Meta" as per many Linuxes and custom keyboards?
  • Currently, the "layouts", "records_games" and "records_styles" tables each have an "author_id" column. However, this column can only store a single author ID whereas multiple people might have actually worked on an item.
  • On the frontend page, replace the asterisk used to indicate "default" selections with an icon of a star or something else.
  • Move all "support" scripts to another directory, and use htaccess to block all external access to them. [Ed. I created the "lib" directory, but I don't think there's a way to block graphic images, javascript, css, etc. without blocking the files everywhere else too.]
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