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+# Auto Test plugin for Grails
+## Authors
+- Björn Wilmsmann, MetaSieve
+- Mike Hugo
+## Grails support
+Version 1.0 of this plugin will only work with Grails 2.0 or higher. If you have a Grails application using a version of grails prior to 2.0, please use version 0.1 of this plugin
+## Usage
+The plugin will monitor the project directory and will attempt to run only the subset of tests affected by what changed. This is very rudimentary - for example, if you modify BookController or BookControllerTests or BookControllerSpec, it will run `test-app BookController`
+Currently, there is no support for running the __entire__ test suite when something is changed (which is the way the plugin behaved in previous versions). This will be added in a future release.
+## Support
+Please log issues in the github repository at Pull requests with enhancements and bug fixes are greatly appreciated.

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